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This is where you find out everything there is to know about the Endarkenment.

The first revelation

The Endarkenment [Epistemology of Chocoholism]

Chocolatarianism: the only rational foundation for ethics

Chocoholism [Metaphysics of Chocoholism: the Four Flavours Theory]

Zombies and chocolate: what it is like to eat a block

Xocolatl and the creation of the universe

Chocolate causes Nobel Laureates

Chocolate history

Tractatus Logico-Chocolatus


  1. Empirical proof of the benefits of Chocoholism can be found here

  2. Hi. Found your blog and added it to favorites after sharing it with my readers. My blog mostly emanates from Yucatan, land of ancient chocolate. Am an amateur philosopher; many of your topics resonate.

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