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  • Saturday evening sermon*
  • On disbelief
  • Is religion malign?
  • What is an agnostic?
  • Agnostic still
  • On Learned Ignorance
  • The origins of religions
  • God, evolution, and variation
  • Atheism and agnosticism… again
  • Another kind of agnosticism
  • Dads
  • The Procrastination Principle, followed up by More on Procrastination
  • Religion: the cure that kills
  • God and the Natural History of Religion
  • The topic of the evolution of religion
  • A Thursday sermon
  • The nature of spirit
  • Disagreeing with PZ
  • Sunday Sermon: Secularism
  • In praise of religious tolerance, even for atheists
  • Religion and science
  • Tolerance and reason


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