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John Simpson Wilkins |

PDF Full CV: Wilkins Curriculum Vitae 14


Doctor of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science jointly with the School of Botany, The University of Melbourne, 1997—2003 part-time, Awarded August 2004. The origins of species concepts: History, characters, modes, and synapomorphies; Supervisors: Gareth J. Nelson, Neil R. Thomason

Master of Arts, Department of Philosophy, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria 1992—1996 part-time; Evolutionary modelling of theory change in science; Supervisors: John Bigelow, Kim Sterelny

Graduate Diploma in Computing, Part time — Chisholm Institute of Technology, Melbourne Australia 1985—1988

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Philosophy, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria 1980—1985; Major in philosophy, minor in history. Other subjects included German, Latin and English Literature, Full-time first year at Monash University 1980. Honours supervisors: John Bigelow and I. Tim Oakley.

First year of Bachelor of Theology (uncompleted) 1978—1979; Part-time. Subjects passed: Theology I, Old Testament I, New Testament I, Church History I.

Research Interests and Profile

Areas of Speciality

Philosophy and history of biology, with special reference to taxonomy and systematics, earth sciences, evolution, ecology, antievolutionary movements, theory structure and change, evolutionary psychology, cultural evolution and the evolution of religion.

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of religion, history of philosophy, general philosophy of science, history of science, history of astronomy, philosophy of history, philosophy of social science.