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SnowflakeWho is the handsome devil of a gorilla who acts as my acceptable public face? His name in English is Snowflake, and in Portuguese Catalan is Floquet de Neu. He lived at the Barcelona Zoo from 1963 to 2003, where he was named Copito de Nieve in Spanish. Barcelona Zoo has a website for him, and if you want to make a donation in his memory, try the Great Ape Project.

I am nearly as pretty, but a lot less expressive. Snowflake managed to live to become dominant male of his troop and a father and grandfather, despite his albinism. I look like this:

This is me in Piazza San Marco in Venice. Behind me on the right is the Doge’s Palace, and on the left the Basilica San Marco.


  1. (psst, hey John, over here… Floquet de Neu was his name in Catalan, not Portuguese, as he lived in Barcelona’s Zoo at the Catalonia region within the Iberian Peninsula. You may just correct that, I won’t tell anyone.)

  2. Snowflake Snowflake

    My blog is for me to make my mistakes in public for all to see and point mockingly at. Think of it as a kind of agnostic penance…

  3. melissa melissa

    none of your links work-I wanted to donate to the Great Ape World Heritage Species Project but again, your link leads me into utter inter-space. BTW you never gav e reason as to WHY, you chose beautiful, handsome “Snowflake” as an avatar. So therefore never really gave him proper recognition. Can’t have it! Copyright infringement lol 🙂 London,Ontario,Canada N6E 2K1 *come find me my love* ~Melissa

    • You answered your own question – he was beautiful and handsome. I couldn’t very well put my own photo up, so I chose someone who was white haired and fat and still beautiful and handsome.

      I can’t find links to replace the dead ones, alas.

  4. Hey, why don’t you have the Twitter and Facebook buttons conveniently displayed? Wish you did — it’d be easier to pass your rantings and occasional snowflakes of wisdom around.


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