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Greek words used in classical philosophy

Last updated on 25 Apr 2022

I prepared this for an undergraduate class last year. I’m putting it up under the Creative Commons license here for people to use.

If you have any suggested terms to add, let me know. I’ll keep it up to date.


  1. Mitchell Coffey Mitchell Coffey

    Catallaxy: An alternative expression for the word “economy”, originated by Aristotle, or one of that crowd. Sums up much that is wrong with Austrian economics, in that they imply by it that macroeconomics is merely “the order brought about by the mutual adjustment of many individual economies in a market.”

    • Can you point to a use of it in philosophy recently? [I.e., within the past 300 years or so]

  2. epistêmê, technê, and phronêsis

  3. I find its handy to have the Greek alphabet, in electronic form, to cut and paste and search for terms, as its not always possible to do from books.

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