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New edited species book

So, what have I been doing for the Covid Lockdown. Many things. This is one of them.

The CRC Press link is here, but I’ll give the table of contents below. The beautiful cover art is by Scott Partridge, an artist in North Carolina. It is entitled Abyssal Zone.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Concepts and theories

Chapter 1. We Are Nearly Ready to Begin the Species Problem—Matthew J. Barker

Chapter 2. Is the Species Problem That Important?—Yuichi Amitani

Chapter 3. ‘Species’ as a technical term: Multiple meanings in practice, one idea in theory—Thomas A.C. Reydon

Chapter 4. What Should Species Be? Taxonomic Inflation and the Ethics of Splitting and Lumping—Jay Odenbaugh

Chapter 5. The Good Species—John S. Wilkins

Section 2. Practice and methods

Chapter 6. Species in the Time of Big Data: The Multi-species Coalescent, the General Lineage Concept, and Species Delimitation—Aleta Quinn

Chapter 7. Species delimitation using molecular data—Megan L. Smith, Bryan C. Carstens

Chapter 8. Taxonomic order, disorder and governance—Stijn Conix, Stephen T. Garnett, Frank E. Zachos, Les Christidis

Section 3. Ranks and trees and names

Chapter 9. Ecology, evolution, and systematics in a post-species world—Brent D. Mishler

Chapter 10. The species before and after Linnaeus – tension between disciplinary nomadism and conservative nomenclature—Alessandro Minelli

Chapter 11. Taxonomic hierarchies as a tool for coping with the complexity of biodiversity—Julia D. Sigwart

Section 4. Metaphysics and epistemologies

Chapter 12. The species problem from a conceptualist’s viewpoint—Igor Ya. Pavlinov

Chapter 13. (Some) Species are Processes—John Dupré

Chapter 14. Metaphysical presuppositions about species stability: problematic and unavoidable—Catherine Kendig

Chapter 15. Critique of taxonomic reason(ing): nature’s joints in light of an ‘Honest’ Species Concept and Kurt Hübner’s historistic philosophy of science—Frank E. Zachos


Chapter 16. Continuing After Species: An Afterword—Robert A. Wilson