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My species book receives a Choice award

I am delighted to tell you that my book Species: The Evolution of the Idea has received a 2019 Choice Reviews Outstanding Academic Title Award! The book met the meticulous Choice criteria from originality, uniqueness, and importance in building undergraduate library collections, to overall excellence in presentation and value to undergraduate students.

Eleven of my publisher Taylor & Francis’ [CRC Press] books received the 2019 Outstanding Academic Title Award and, of these, two were from the Species and Systematics book series:

Julia will be a contributor to the edited book I am presently working on with Frank Zachos and Igor Pavlinov – Species and Beyond also with CRC Press. Congratulations to her.


  1. Mitchell Coffey Mitchell Coffey


  2. davidlduffy davidlduffy

    Looks like a useful award to win – I presume it means the university libraries will all get a copy now.

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