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  1. That’s a big problem for all of us, Dr. Wilkins. Jae Kamel and me publish the e-zine Jae Kamel’s URLs, categorized lists of annotated links to interesting or representative (of the category) websites. Along with our partner Julie Eclair, we have published on the order of 10,000 URLs; the actual count was over 7,000 URLs when the last actual count was done.
    The most tedious, time-consuming, and persistent part of our job is the finding of and replacing of Dead Links from our Lists. Ms. Eclair has reported similar results. Each year, about 5-10% of the links on any given List die. At about 500 (average) links per List, that’s a lot of replacements! We are very sympathetic with you and the dead blogs. BTW you may include any of our Lists or sites on your blogroll if you like; your site is on my blogroll. Relevant to the natural and physical sciences, is my Electric Geology Glossary ( ), which at this time is also my homepage ( Thanks to your referral, we have also recently added the Institute of Art and Ideas to our blogroll; and looking at including that and this blog somewhere on a List. -Dr. Jone Dae.

  2. P.S. Despite the use of avatars to protect our identities online, we are all quite legitimate. For instance, I’m a mathematician, in addition to being the Research and Recording Manager at a studio in Culver City; and Jae is a retired software engineer/computer programmer. He is an acknowledged expert in AI, the Cognitive Sciences, and a psychologist. Ms. Eclair is a Multimedia Educational Consultant.

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