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We’re back!

Thanks to the generosity of three donors – Neil, James and Ben – I have enough to pay the rent on this place. Now I have to do some writing. Problem is I’m time poor, so I thought I’d write up some of my lecture notes as posts. Expect some stuff on the idea of nature, and maybe some other lectures.

I am also thinking of a series on sexual ethics and relationships. It may be rather different to the previous posts. Let me know what you think.

Again, thanks to the donors. They are all friends, and their and others’ kind words encourage me greatly.


  1. sbh sbh

    My thanks as well. I’m looking forward to future posts.

  2. Glad to see you’re still here. I’m looking forward to your posts, and I think the idea of the series on sexual ethics and relationships is an interesting one.

  3. James Goetz James Goetz

    John, Great news that your wealth of knowledge re EVOLVING THOUGHTS remains online. I also look forward to seeing your philosophical views of sexual ethics. I’ve been doing that myself. For example, one of my latest opinion pieces is “Shades of Sexual Ethics and Amnesia” ( May EVOLVING THOUGHTS live long and prosper…. Jim

  4. For the record, I could be persuaded to make a modest donation sometime, if you were to let slip the relevant bank account details. A once-only sum of fifty dollars would be no problem.

    My blog costs $20/year (as the only upgrade I have is the one that lets me upload audio files), but I also have a website at $60/year and a Box account at $100/year.

    A series on sexual ethics sounds good. I’d be more likely to contribute to that conversation than some complicated nature stuff, and on your blog I feel confident that the comment thread would be reasonable in quality and not overwhelming in quantity. Your take will be thoughtful, sensible and … ethical … and if there’s anything we disagree on, that could be interesting too.

  5. Zwirko Zwirko

    John, I can’t view your blog using Google Chrome (downloaded FireFox to make this commnet), it’s been like this ever since the new design. As soon as I attempt to scroll down, all content vanishes. Scroll back up and it reappears; down and it away it goes again. I can only read a couple of paragraphs and have to give up.

    Could any other Chrome users let me know if this is a problem unique to me?

    • I have a Chrome problem that makes about half the page white except when I highlight everything. That is from my work computer when I am on break, so I cannot spend much time looking into it. Deleting cache did not help.

    • The whole truth The whole truth

      I’m using Chrome (Version 47.0.2526.106 m) and everything seems to be okay. I don’t remember coming to this blog before so I can’t be certain that everything is working but I am able to read the articles and comments.

  6. Brian E Brian E

    Cool news. Well done donors!

  7. lizzieB lizzieB

    So glad you are back. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years and hope to continue to do so for many more!

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