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Wilkins on philosophy of science

As part of the Science Week activities that informed the last few posts, I will be giving a brief introduction to philosophy of science as well as talking about the relation between science and religion shortly. The organiser of this event (on 23 August, at the East Melbourne Unitarian Church) is Adam Ford, who interviewed me for a few hours in freezing cold but picturesque surroundings in the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens last Sunday (it rained, which is why I’m wearing a waterproof coat. I’m not trying to look outdoorsy). Here is the first of these pieces as Adam edits them and puts them up on Youtube:

More to come unless the decency police object to an old Australian…


  1. So you have a number of quivers in your bone? LOL

    Sorry for the pun, really like the format. Keep going.

    • Hey, that was all ex tempore. Let’s see you do better 😉

  2. I’m really enjoying these videos, and I’m going to share it with my new batch of Masters Students.

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