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Trying out a new theme

Last updated on 15 May 2014

The old one was so 1992. Comments? I think it is easier to read onscreen.

OK, I reverted. It lost all my widgets.

OK, I bought the commercial version. Thanks to all who donate to my blog, because I can afford to do this.

Let me know if you encounter any troubles.


  1. Mike Haubrich Mike Haubrich

    Nice font, nice colors, nice sliding menu system. My only criticism is minor, and it relates to the left sidebar. It is very long, and requires a great deal of scrolling to find the bottom. This is great on long posts, but on short posts such as this one I find the blog to be “unbalanced.” artistically. It feels like it will tip over to the right.

    It there a way to widen the centre column in this them? Are you able to collapse items on the sidebar?

    Content, is of course, as excellent as always.

  2. Mike Haubrich Mike Haubrich

    Okay, this is really cool. As soon as my comment posted, the centre column widened. Like it.

  3. When you say “on screen,” perhaps you mean on the screen of a mobile phone. On my desktop computer, the column bearing the blog post occupies only about half the width of the screen and, on a full-length post, is quite unpleasing to the eye. Also, it is now impossible to print out a post (but perhaps I am stuck in 1992 myself if I want to do that). Anyway, I turn my thumb down.

  4. Also, the print is fuzzy (on my screen, anyway).

      • It’s moot now (at the moment of writing), as you’ve reverted to the old type face, which I find much more readable, but I was using Windows 7 and Mozilla Seamonkey.

        Another reason why the present arrangement seems to me much preferable to the one that you had at the time of my previous comment is that this one allows one to print out entries. (I was going to mention that yesterday, but I didn’t, since it may be that there are only about five people in the world that ever do such a thing anymore.)

  5. I prefer the old theme, though I’m sure I’ll get used to the new one. The new theme has improved now that you have reduced the length of the left margin.

  6. Still fiddling. I lost my widgets so I probably can’t use this one. I’ll try some more.

  7. peter peter

    There’s not even a gorilla up there.

    • A larger font would make it easier to read.

  8. The text is smaller than I would like when reading on my iPad. A more ‘responsive’ theme would be nice, but I prefer this to the old theme.

    I note you appear to have turned off the facility that allowed people to flip through articles by swiping. I am very glad you’ve done this: I was forever flipping inadvertently.

  9. jeb jeb

    I can’t seem to follow the blog through word-press anymore.

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