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Accommodating Science overview

I have done quite a lot of blogging under this heading lately so I thought it might be useful to get all the posts used in order:

On beliefs

  • Why do believers believe silly things? The function of denialism
  • Why do believers believe THOSE silly things?
  • The “developmental hypothesis” of belief acquisition
  • How to argue with silly thing believers
On religion
  • Degrees of religion
  • Undefining religion
On the arguments
  • Accommodating Science: What is the problem?
  • Accommodating Science: Unpicking the arguments
On science and religion
  • Accommodating science: Astronomy
  • Accommodating science: Geology and Time
  • Accommodating science: Evolution and change
  • Accommodating Science: Neurobiology and the Soul [to come]
  • Accommodating science: Faith and reason

Concluding posts

  • Accommodating science: Strategy
  • Accommodating Science: the backfire effect, and conclusion

Many other posts from this blog have been used in the book manuscript, and this is not the order in which they will appear, but you can find your way around from here.