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My book is published

See the book at the right entitled The Nature of Classification? According to the website you go to when you click on the cover, it has now been published. I haven’t seen a copy yet, but I’m hopeful… anyway, there’s your stocking filler for the philosopher of science in your life.


  1. Congratulations!

    • AstroBio AstroBio

      Hey Lorax, are you “Angry by Choice”? If so, your blog dropped out of my reader a while back. Happy to find it again at Field of Science.

      • That’s me, glad you remember since I post infrequently at best!

  2. darwinsbulldog darwinsbulldog

    Palgrave also published “From Darwin to Hitler.” 🙁

    • Well it obviously is not bound by doctrinaire adherence to academic ivory tower norms!

  3. Roberto Keller Roberto Keller

    That’s great John! Hope to get a copy soon!

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