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AAHPSSS site now up

The Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science now has a permanent and updateable website, courtesy of yours truly. It’s at

All Australasian folk, and visitors to the Lucky Lands, should check to see what is happening. I will put anything up that is relevant, so email me via the “official” address at

with any information. I say that you should use this address because if and when I cease being the webthing at AAHPSSS, that address will send to the person who steps over my cold bleeding corpse to take up the standard.


  1. Just need to know a bit about Oznian rules of pronunciation … Ah Piss?

  2. “Ah psss” as it is written. Usually said as “Arps” with the flat Australian “r”.

    • Sorry, too late … I’ll never be able to think of it as anything else than “Ah Piss” … or maybe “Aww Piss!” 😉

      But it looks to be a a good site. It’s a paying gig, I hope?

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