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  1. Everybody knows that Xocolatl invited ethics.

  2. Ugh, invented, not invited. Take two:

    Everybody knows that Xocolatl invented ethics.

  3. Aaron Clausen Aaron Clausen

    Everyone knows that poverty is genetic, and big wallets are recessive. Thus if you have a poor person procreate with a rich person, there’s 50/50 odds of a small wallet, and the more mixing off the poor race with the rich race, the more diluted the rich race will be. Ultimately this will lead to nothing but poor people.

    Now clearly there are two solutions; kill the poor people outright, or make them work for the rich race’s keep. Killing them outright means rich people will be forced to do more menial tasks, and it also a know scientific fact, most certainly rooted in deep lying epigenetics, that this carries a huge risk that poor people could be spontaneously produced by the use, or maybe even the proximity to, say, toilet cleaners, french fry vats or waste disposal vehicles.

    Thus the clear solution is to maintain a workforce of poor people. But we cannot allow doctors and nurses, who clearly are skilled, and thus one way or the other, fit into the rich people race. Some contact, sufficient enough to keep the stronger poor people useful, is necessary, but saving young poor children, or old poor people, or putting effort into saving any poor people not likely to be of any use, risks the precise kind of contact that can lead to spontaneous povertification. But remember, the poor race are fast breeders, so health care should only be a limited option, lest the rich race be overridden by various tribes of poor people like Hispanics, African-Americans or people from New Jersey. Numerous chiropractic studies have confirmed these findings time and time again.

    This message brought to you by The Committee To Elect Mitt Romney King Of Libya

  4. Mitchell Cofffey Mitchell Cofffey

    “Surely these aren’t turtles I stand upon?” shrugged Atlas.

  5. Kel Kel

    The phrase “middle-class morality” comes to mind.

  6. Jeb Jeb

    “This message brought to you by The Committee To Elect Mitt Romney King Of Libya”

    Killer ending. But slightly chilling as I can say for the first time Mitt Romney starts to make sense.

    The Right of center in the U.K. seems to favor the term wealth creators instead of rich these days in attempt to replace thought with a terminology that seeks to suggest that trickle down economics has been and continues to be such a glowing success and to try and justify its choice to cut welfare, health education etc. rather than raise tax.

    I think the big worry is the lurch to the right and its rhetoric, the right seems to be in a state of open war with itself. Thatcher started the ball rolling in the U.K, weakening the old liberal Tory school who if you could not agree with you could at least admire to a certain extent and sit in the same room and have a debate with a degree of common ground.

    But the picture seems pretty similar on both sides of the pond, so I don’t get the satisfaction of pointing the figure utterly at the Demon Thatcher, which is always pleasing.

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