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  1. Bob O'H Bob O'H

    The theological version is, I believe “If P is false, baby Jesus will be sad. I do not want to burn in hell for eternity/I want to sing with angels for eternity (delete as appropriate for your denomination), therefore P is true.”

    • Baby Jesus will sing whilst burning in hell for eternity.

  2. This is a philosophical question on the scientific understanding of life.

    DNA is sometimes referred to as “strands of life.” Within the nucleus of a cell, DNA “unzips” itself during the S phase, and each single strand (RNA) is a template for a new complete strand. RNA is said to have “chemical messengers” that carry the necessary information to make the proteins needed for reproduction, but how can a chemical “contain” and “use” information? When it comes to the cellular level, I can understand cell reproduction because a cell contains organelles. A cell doesn’t start with a nucleus. It starts with DNA (nuclear division). But with DNA, reproduction is supposedly all happening simply because of chemical reactions. What tells the cell to “unzip?”

    Please don’t just leave me a website link.


    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      If you won’t read the material that answers your question, why should I bother trying to explain it to you?

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