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  1. Mathias San Miguel Mathias San Miguel

    I find this quite interesting… I mean, most people find things impossible when they are more complex. Nature is full of complexity, yet, it is there and it is truth, it exist.
    Ironically, most people think complex thing are impossible, but the thought is increased if those things come from nature (and by that I mean the environment, not the humans). Most people think humans are the most complex creature, and the limit of complexity of nature. That is a sad lack of knowledge, or perhaps something else?
    This always leads me to think about what’s actually perception? why everything depends on how we see it? reality is that or just a complex way of perception? And perfection? does it exist? does perfection is what we think it is? it is symmetry? not-symmetry? perhaps beauty? what’s beauty? And I’d keep going until I reach my sleep, but maybe someone else should keep asking for now.

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