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Wilkins hides in fear

I haven’t been engaging much recently. There is an Official Story and a Privileged Narrative.

The Official Story is that I have submitted, revised or refined several recent papers for publication, met with a coauthor in Canberra (eight hours due north) for a paper, a talk of which I am giving next week, gone to a philosophy of biology workshop a further two hours due north, driven back (ten hours), and in the midst of that got the bug for another paper after drinking and arguing with Maureen O’Malley and Brett Calcott.

Also, I only have 3G internet access…

The Privileged Narrative is that I am hiding, quaking in fear and inadequacy at recent criticisms by Larry and my wonderful commenters. Both stories are, of course, entirely true.

I have a wedding to go to this weekend. I shall try to respond after my talk, to biologists not philosophers (they’re harder to convince that philosophy matters), next week. Unless I get drunk and have to argue with somebody.


  1. joe joe

    You’re such a coward fleeing into the arms of benevolent peer reviewers instead of facing the full onslaught of criticism on your blog.

    But, irony aside, I’m getting put off with this deliberate shooting past each other, you here, Larry over at sandwalk. Why don’t you meet at neutral ground, say Sunday at noon, and directly duel each other with small bullets of argument, no other bloggers interfering?

  2. Susan Silberstein Susan Silberstein

    When going to Canberra or other far place if a train also goes, is it cheaper to drive or take the train? Traveling by train in Australia is near the top of my list of Things to Do Before I Die.

    Have a great time at the wedding. Weddings are fun. Almost everyone is happy and there is good stuff to eat.

    • Driving is expensive, but so are trains and buses. It’s actually cheaper to fly longer distances. But I’m told there are several great train journeys – including the ‘Ghan, which runs across the Nullabor Plain.

      The wedding was great. I was very proud of my nephew.

  3. Bob O'H Bob O'H


    I see both you and Larry have been ignoring the real problem, of whether you would accept the apology the other gives for not buying a gelato.

    • Never. But I know Larry and he would never perpetrate such a crime. Larry is a deeply moral man.

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