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  1. I got it earlier, but it went away a few days ago when I updated to the latest version of Firefox.

  2. Mauro Mello Jr Mauro Mello Jr

    Negative. Although I reported some of the visible links (file_get_contents()) on 30/05, it’s been over a week that I haven’t seen them, and there aren’t any other stray links or messages showing up at the moment.

    Mac OS X 10.6.7, Safari 5.0.5 with JavaScript Blacklist, AdBlock, ClickToFlash (all up-to-date).

  3. fvngvs fvngvs

    Shows up every now and then. Not enough to comment on, but seein’ as you asked…
    (Linux/FF – and disappears on reload (grr))

  4. John S Wilkins John S Wilkins

    Thanks, everyone. I’ll chase it up with the techs.

  5. Radi Radi

    I use IE7 on my work computer – and I get the error message.

  6. I think I tracked it down to a plugin, which I have disabled. I’d like to hear if it persists, though.

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