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Rule number 1 when doing a large scale edit to a blog: turn off all automatic notifications.

If you got a request to join Gravatar just now, or you saw a slew of notifications of old posts on Twitter or Facebook, my bad. I’m importing all the old posts from the previous incarnation of Evolving Thoughts to this custom hosting site.

I didn’t realise that the widgets and plugins I have set up would treat each imported post and comment as a new one. So I just spammed the known universe. I shall now go and bury my very red face in my pillow and sob uncontrollably for a while.

On the positive side, I now have about three times as many posts and comments as I used to. Maybe. I don’t have the backbone to go check right now…


  1. MKR MKR

    Could I have Evolving Thoughts without the spam, then? I DON’T LIKE SPAM!

  2. jackd jackd

    That’s why I got the Gravatar email thingy this morning, leading back to a year-old comment. Thanks.

  3. Kel Kel

    Here I was thinking you were wanting me to come back and comment. My mistake.

    • Of course I do! But not because I stuffed up…

  4. Dornier Pfeil Dornier Pfeil

    That’s ok, some of us needed a poke in the stomach to get us to realize we had been neglecting something important.

  5. Susan Silberstein Susan Silberstein

    Speaking of mistakes, one of my relatives argues that the lack of a coffee gland disproves creationism, for a just and kind god would have given us said coffee gland.

    The other possible response is, of course, “Who is this we?”

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