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Are you a HPS scholar?

If so I invite you to join our group blog Whewell’s Ghost, even if you already blog. You can either write for WG directly or repost some or all of your blog’s posts with alink back to your home blog, thereby increasing your readership.

Contact me or the other WG admin folk. Everyone from undergraduate to professor…


  1. As I’m not a HPS scholar does that mean I have to leave?

    • Don’t make me come over there and thump you!

        • When you have as much blubber as I do, you don’t need to swim. My only worry is that a Japanese Whaler might mistake me for a Minke and do research on me.

        • I’ll alert the Norwegian whaling fleet to patrol the coasts of Germany and keep a look out for a Moby Gorilla!

        • Ian H Spedding FCD Ian H Spedding FCD

          Then we would have to do our best Inspector Clouseau impression and ask them if they “have a lahss-ense for that Minke?”

        • Or, they might think I am a large mound of earth. That’s right, they’d say “It’s a berm!”

  2. Jeb Jeb

    Well I study fairy stories so I suspect I am ok. (that remark was made under the belief that if he can swim he can’t swim that far can he?)

  3. Jeb Jeb

    p.s No I am not. Some of the comments that popped up on the living traditions thread on Whewells came as a massive surprise to me. The noise that surrounds such subjects is not particularly encouraging for the type of approach I use.

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