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While I move, a delay in posts

I am about to move to Sydney, although the Brisbane flooding has caused me no end of problems. This will mean I cannot post for a while; perhaps two weeks, although I doubt it. I should be able to comment a bit.

Please bear with me and don’t start reading that PZ guy instead. He has enough readers.


  1. Don’t worry, I don’t care for octopuses enough to waste the time. 😉

  2. Susan Silberstein Susan Silberstein

    I know a guy who makes wetsuits.

  3. Bob O'H Bob O'H

    It seems appropriate to start off with


  4. Please bear with me and don’t start reading that PZ guy instead. He has enough readers.

    Quality not quantity, quality not quantity John

    • Cromercrox Cromercrox


  5. About year ago my next of kind saw catastrophe film “2012” in Brisbane cinema , that probably is now under water. (It is quite expensive to trip to another side of globe to see such a prophetic film 😉

    In Tuesday (11 Jan) he and me got quite irritated here. Finnish Public televion and commercial media echoed all day that also tide is high in Brisbane due to full moon (!). We both tried to contact media to correct but nothing helped.

    Don’t trust on media in anything about natural science ?
    Media houses are full of thousands journalists but not even one proper calendar with moon phases ?

  6. afarensis afarensis

    Take your time. We will still be here when you are ready to blog again…um, London Bridge!

    • Bob O'H Bob O'H

      Oooh, sneaky. But with locks wild I can do

      Canada Water

  7. AE AE

    Moved here from PZ, via SandWalk.
    Seems nice, though a little damp.
    Will stay awhile, least while my feet stay dry.

  8. You guys are really sneaky

    Edgeware road after transiting at Goodge Street

  9. afarensis, FCD afarensis, FCD

    Oh, is that the way we are going to play it eh! Okay Elephant & Castle*

    This is recommended by Pilkingthwaite and Fothergays Mornington Crescent and the Other: A Philosophers Guide to the Radical Post-Modern Epistemolgy of Mornington Crescent

    • Bob O'H Bob O'H

      What?? Nobody takes old Piss & Fart seriously. Especially not when they recommend moves like that.


      • afarensis afarensis

        Fart=Dembski therefore I should play Waterloo!

  10. Brook Street Tayloring Brook Street Tayloring

    For of the Aquatic Ape’s profession and circumstances: Balls Pond Road

    • Bob O'H Bob O'H

      Goodge Street

      • Doubling back are we?

        Totenham Court Road

  11. Bob O'H Bob O'H

    Seems best at this point.

    Fenchurch Street.

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