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Another science blogging network folds!

Well, it hasn’t exactly folded. Nature Network continues, but a few of the bloggers have left, following Henry Gee, who is clearly the ringleader of this revolt. They must be protesting something: Pepsi, lack of civility, the baggage retrieval system at Heathrow. But no, they are just doing it because… they want to.

Curses! I thought we had another -gate on our hands. Cromergate? Geegate? Sounds about right…

John Dupuis, who remains at Scienceblogs, the civil bastard, gives the list:

Eva Amsen, who stayed, sobbingly gives her reasons for not following the deserters…

Come on, there has to be a scandal here, right?


  1. I have no inside knowledge, but there have been protracted rumblings from NN bloggers about the general reliability and usability of their former site. Personally, as a reader, I’m just glad to be able to post comments without having to try to remember my otherwise pointless NN login.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      Movable Type is the product of Hell’s programmers. I used it once and am now eternally damned.

  2. Henry Gee wishes to tell me it was nothing to do with him. He stopped blogging at NN months ago, for all sorts of reasons. It’s just after almost two years in the wilderness with Blogger he wanted to join up with a gang once again. That some of the gang were still with Nature Network is none of his business, and where he chooses to park his personal blog is up to him. He seems rather brassed off about the whole thing, and wishes to tell his many admirers (well, both of them, if you don’t count Professor Trellis of North Wales) that he’s now going to hibernate for a while.

  3. Curses! I thought we had another -gate on our hands. Cromergate? Geegate? Sounds about right…

    Given that Henry is quintessentially English it’s probably “Cow & Gate”!

  4. Cromacrox, please tell Henry that we all hope his hibernation will be refreshing, yet brief.

    Thanks for the link love, John!

  5. John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

    I would have thought that an English title would be Bull at a Gate.

    I am sure that all will survive their being corrupted by the Good Man of Cromer.

  6. Richard (Grant) should get the due credit for being the prime mover, at least because he is a man of action type (at least online). The Occam’s Typewriter site is his work. For which the rest of us are very grateful.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      Richard is a manly man, and a man of action on and offline indeed. He once bought me beer.

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