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  1. Bob O'H Bob O'H

    Um, hang on. does this mean advertisers should be teaching philosohpy, or that philosophers should go into advertising?

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      We never use fallacious reasoning, of course.

      • Sam C Sam C

        “of course”?

        What sort of language is that for a philosopher? Wash your mouth out with epithets.

    • Ian H Spedding FCD Ian H Spedding FCD

      This has all sorts of possibilities. Just think about slogans like:
      Things go better with Kant.
      Vorsprung durch Tillich
      Ahhh, Peano!

      And if Apple released a data-mining app they could call it the iDigger.

      • The shopping mantra “I buy therefore I am”

      • I go to the mall for personal validation, but it only lasts two hours and you have to buy something…

      • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

        Jim, that’s pretty much the same for me, except that it involves sex.

      • John, if you can really make it last two hours, you’re wasting everybody’s time telling us about invalid species concepts.

        • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

          Well, there’s the getting there, the finding, the haggling, and the cleanup. Leaves about 5 minutes.

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