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  1. That stuff pisses me off as it ruins support for potentially promising and well-reasoned directions of research. Makes ALL applied evolutionary frameworks look very bad to those on the humanities side and beyond…

    And it seems that like anywhere else, it is too often the idiots who get the loudest voice in academia…

  2. kubla kubla

    Which are remarkably like 1850s gender roles.

  3. DiscoveredJoys DiscoveredJoys

    “See, that’s just the kind of bullshit optimism that discredits evo-psych. Your “evolutionary histories” always seem tuned to produce 1960’s flower children.”

    There, an alternative way of mis-interpreting life.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      You did read the comic, didn’t you?

  4. bob koepp bob koepp

    When it get beyond just so stories and platitudes, it’s actually quite interesting.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      The problems with evopsych is that it (1) fails to employ phylogeny to constrain hypotheses, (2) assumes an adaptationist story for every trait in question, and (3) presumes massive modularity. When, and if, it doesn’t do these things it comes up with some interesting explanatory hypotheses.

      At best, only a very few traits will be universal solutions, adaptive, and modular. Evolution is crucial to psychology, yes, but not, necessarily, evolutionary psychology itself.

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