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Scoobie Doo Realism

Last updated on 22 Jun 2018

Came across this at Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk:scoobie-9733.gif

Scoobie-Doo Realism wants to posit that there is an intellectual movement that should be called “Scoobie-Doo Realism.” People take up a stance of Scoobie-Doo Realism when they pose as hard nosed advocates of science and objectivity, because they can unmask a traditionally mysterious figure. This despite the fact that their own explanations make no sense and they hang out with a talking dog.


  1. This seems to be more of an issue in fiction than anywhere else, where something seems like it is magical but then turns out not to be, but the scientific explanation is really just shouting out the word “Science!” really loudly. The recent Sherlock Holmes movie fit strongly in this category. That said, the examples that Big Monkey actually uses are not very good ones. In particular, quantum mechanics may seem weird but it has a lot of evidence behind it.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      He uses moral realism also. But I had in mind those who think that science explains all, and we do not need to attend to philosophical questions. This form of Scoobism is often asserted.

  2. Bob O'H Bob O'H

    What’s more ridiculous? A talking dog or a blogging gorilla?

    • All bloggers are apes!

      • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

        On the internet, nobody knows you’re a primate.

    • Or to quote Monty Python:

      Gorilla #1: “We’re gorillas!”
      Gorilla #2: “Are we? I thought we were orang-utans!”
      Gorilla #1: “We are not orang-utans! We don’t look anything remotely like orang-utans!”

      Which, out of all Monty Python quotes, is surely the most pertinent to Evolving Thoughts. It’s got species concept references and everything.

  3. Ribozyme Ribozyme

    Velma pulls the white gorilla suit’s head.

    John: “I would have gotten away with philosophy if it wasn’t for these meddlng kids!”

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