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An Officer and a Link

Last updated on 22 Jun 2018

FAPP reply to Godfrey-Smith. Same old same old…

Josh Rosenau is on fire. First he discusses recent polling on evolution and creation in America. Then he tests the hypothesis that the Affirmative Atheists have made a dent in religious belief in America. Not so much… Here he debunks the idea that marriage is about procreation. He manages to avoid saying what I won’t avoid saying: this is Catholic dogma dressed up as natural law.

Here is a piece about how to deal with homophobic students who want professors fired, by Community College Dean. Very interesting.

Neolithic people could do amputations well.

Brian Switek delivers the best look at the ape-Old World Monkey split paper. Of course.

I’m late to this (see Eamon Knight’s rant) but apparently child rape is less serious than ordaining women.

There’s a new and excellent Giant’s Shoulders blog carnival (25) at Dispersal of Darwin. I’m in it! Yay!

Prince Charles is a Very Silly Man, according to Hitchens (and the rest of the educated world).

Stephanie Zvan thanks Randi for being a dick, leading to this post on the use of emotion in rational outreach. I think this supports my oft-made claim that the media are not about reason or information, but attitudes. [h/t Laden, I think]

Elio and Stanley track down the source of the claim that we have ten times as many cells that are commensuals than we do of our own genome and soma.

And finally, but a link you should all follow now: breaking news! Newton lied about how he did the Principia to protect his claims of priority for the “method of fluxions” (differential calculus) against Leibniz. Scientist rewrites history, film at 11. Thony is also on a roll right now…


  1. There’s a new and excellent Giant’s Shoulders blog carnival (25) at Dispersal of Darwin. I’m in it! Yay!

    You’re in #26 as well!

  2. Ribozyme Ribozyme

    I’ve only read Rosenau’s post for the second link. While reading it, I was thinking “he’s moving the goalposts”, then he says “I’m not moving the goalposts”. That’s where I stopped reading. It seems that for most critics of “new atheism”, evidence is only good if it supports their prejudices.

  3. Ian H Spedding FCD Ian H Spedding FCD

    Whatever else you might say about Hitchens he has a very nice line in verbal flensing. I share his despondency at the prospect of Chuck III, Defender of Faiths (good title for a movie, though).

  4. Soren Soren

    Its kinda sad reading Rosenaus post.

    I usually find him a very good blogger, but that long post was just a waste of electrons. He overshot the mark by more than a kilometer on this one.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins


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