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Me in Spanish

I just love seeing my ideas in another language, not because I speak or read them (I am Australian. We don’t even speak English well. We’re submonoglots), but because it always looks so much more intelligent in French or, as in this case, Spanish. Eduardo Robredo Zugasti has noticed my summary essay “What is a species?” at his blog La revolución naturalista. I think he likes it.

Previously, I have been Frenchified, and Portuguesed (but it no longer exists online). If anyone wants to translate me into Russian, though, this will follow:



  1. John Monfries John Monfries


    Speak (or not) for yourself!

    I suppose it must be fun to “see” yourself in another language though, but can you trust your translators not to wreck your deathless prose?

    On the photo, the worst moment in that film was when Archie Leach said Italian was an ugly language. Appalling….though I have to admit Russian sounds good too.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins

      None of my prose is deathless. Some of it is stillborn.

  2. Of course I like it! Thanks for post & share such an interesting work.

  3. Sam C Sam C

    I think you mean “hypomonoglots”; sub- is a Latin prefix, mono- and -glot are both Greek, so we English classisists prefer the Greek prefix!

    Eye new that eddickayshum wood cum in yousfull wun day!

  4. Ribozyme Ribozyme

    ¡Felcidades, John, por eso! Tu trabajo vale mucho la pena y merece ser difundido. Si es en otros idiomas, aún mejor.

    • John S. Wilkins John S. Wilkins


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