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The Philosophers' Menu

The Philosophers’ Menu



Assorted carnaps

Pareto soup

Hart-boyled eggs with a rescher of bacon

Major Premises

Jugged hare, with milled popper

Skinnered peacocke, with nashed paretos

Plato’ the Day

Humeburger, with gibbard gravy

Frankfurts and schauer kraut

Bass van frassen [sic]

Nagels and lockes

Frege legs with russell sprouts

Roast pigou, thoreauly dunn

Fried (on nozick teflon) scanlons and lukes

Just Deserts

Julianned annanas


Ice cream cohen—jerry, joshua, or jonathan

Candied geaches and pears

Strawsonberry short cake


Mineral walzer


Wittgenstein of beer

McGinn and tonic

Copp of tea


[From an unrecorded source, communicated but disavowed by Gerald Dworkin]


  1. Frege legs with russell sprouts

    I lol so hard with this one.

  2. I prefer my Frege legs with a whitehead of lettuce.

  3. Ben Breuer Ben Breuer

    We want to see recipes!

    I already put another antipodean to the task …

  4. Ben Breuer Ben Breuer

    For the more continental types: Heideggbeer-Knietzsches.


  5. Soren Soren

    That is certainly a solution, or is it a setup, for the dining philosophers problem

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