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  1. It took me until I was 40 to get my ears pierced, so maybe I will get a tattoo when I’m 80. If I don’t use my chemical avatar, my quote of choice would likely be the dog-latin “sic biscuitus disintegrat”.

  2. Jeb Jeb

    Ive managed to avoid getting Horrace’s line

    Cum prorepserunt primis animalia terris Mutum et turpe pecus.

    So far. But after looking at the pics. I think I can resist such a thought any further or just go for half man half biscuit on my forehead instead.

  3. Jon Jon

    Quidquid latine dictum, altum videtur.

  4. jeb jeb

    hmmm. so I can use my extensive grasp of terrible pig latin to arrive at demi buccellum demi homo
    if I want to impress and still keep the original sense of a dense well baked product.

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