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Travel Diary 10: DC

I met these guys and got trashed:


I circled our next destination in red…

From left, my host, Mitch Coffey, me, Mike Ikeda, and Robert Grumbine. Robert’s wife Vicki is taking the shot; and of course she was the sanest one there.

Unfortunately, Homeland Security showed not the slightest interest in me, even when I took pix of the Capitol Building. And I thought I was a Dangerous Subversive.

The next night, we went to Robert’s and Vicki’s home and played games and I ate them out of interesting refried beans and other delicious dishes.

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  1. Will Thomas Will Thomas

    Aha, at the Capitol you were right down the street from my place. Hope you’ve enjoyed DC. The weather was in fine form until the rain showed up.

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