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Travel Diary 8

Last updated on 4 Oct 2017

Today I went with Matt and Cathy Silberstein to Chris Thompson’s place on the Rockaway Beach, in howling gales and breath condensing weather (in other words, just like home), in Paul and Gail Gans’ car. Where we met John Pieret, mein host, Mitch Coffey and other netizens whose names I have conventionally forgotten, being as I am nominally aphasic Bill and Maude <?> Morse.

The beer and schnapps might have helped.

Much talking was done, some of it not by visiting Australian philosophers. Much food and wine was drunk… err, and eaten. And then, after we’d all done that for several hours, I went to a restaurant to eat a meal and drink more wine with Massimo Pigliucci [blog] and Dave Horvitz. I must have said some things right because Dave still wants to tape me in interview for the NY Atheists. Fools! I will destroy you all. Ask me how.

Anyhow, I’m knackered, so I had better sign off and post this.


  1. The moving finger write and having writ comes back crosses out and write again…

  2. Janet Pugh Janet Pugh

    Hi John,
    I just had a lovely conversation with the very contented Paula, who updated me on your activities. I have looked at some of your blogs… I rather miss these conversations in person. All is well in the Pugh family – Stephen is currently very enthused about his PhD and devoting 2 days a week to it and my children are all progressing well, as I believe yours are also. I see you are on Facebook – oh dear, I may have to invite you to be my friend! Janet Pugh

  3. Susan Silberstein Susan Silberstein

    John Pieret, you misspelled the last name of the folks with the same last name as mine in your photo description.

    John Wilkins, please repost your San Francisco travel dates.

  4. Pieret calls this a “world tour”. How can it be a world tour if you’re missing Morris, Minnesota?

    New York. Pffft.

    • He didn’t say it was a tour of hell!

    • Also it must be a world tour because he came to Spardorf and as everyone knows Spardorf is the centre of the world.

  5. Susan:

    No, I repeated (via cut & paste) a speeling error from my post back the last time John was here.

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