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Nominate me for something

I put a lot of work into some of my posts. I’d really love it if readers would nominate them for either Open Laboratory (see button to the side), or for a Carnival or something. I never get carnivaled and it’s giving me a complex.

Otherwise I develop deep feelings of inadequacy.

Also, Digg and other social networks any posts you like. I don’t do this for myself, as I feel like a fraud, so it’s entirely up to you guys.



  1. darwinsbulldog darwinsbulldog

    You have been nominated.

  2. John John

    Thanks. I’ll go do some ego surfing later…

  3. darwinsbulldog darwinsbulldog

    John, why am I not in your blogroll? Makes me sad.

    • John John

      What is your link?

  4. John John

    Done ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. darwinsbulldog darwinsbulldog


  6. I nominated you for a “Chez Watt” once. You didn’t win that time. I think the voting was rigged, but I felt like a fool. I learned my lesson.

    Seriously, I have nomiated you in the past, and I intend to remember to do that for OpenLab2009.

  7. John John

    Chez Watt Rules prohibit me from winning more then six times in a calendar year.

    But thanks for nomiating me. Is that like getting a username?

  8. Veronica Abbass Veronica Abbass

    I have been recommending your blog because of the great posts. One person I introduced to your bog was very impressed because of your June 14 post on “Laws and Explanation in History” which he knew was written by William Dray and now I know that Dray is a Canadian who taught at various Ontario universities.

    PS I can’t find a search feature on your blog. Is there one?

    • John John

      I put the search widget at the top of the sidebar.

      I read Dray as an undergrad back in the 80s. What goes around…

  9. Are you okay? lol. I think you can submit your own posts to carnivals, and most people do. Unless you know of some kind of special carnival I’m unaware of…

  10. Yeah, I nominate my own posts for carnivals – and it often works. Just go for it. There’s no stigma attached. Think of it as like submitting an article – someone still has to accept it.

  11. You know, for an Aussie you’re pretty damn British. Apply to the carnivals yourself you martyr.

    I swear John, you have an exaggerated sense of your own unimportance.

    As another chap once said; stop acting so humble, you’re not that great.

  12. John John

    Listen, I had 12 years of teachers saying “Wilkins, you’re a waste of space”. It takes therapy to get over that, and I don’t believe in therapy…

    • [musing]A philosopher in therapy. Now that raises images it does.[/musing]

  13. Neil Levy Neil Levy

    Don’t feel inadequate, John. Many of us are convinced that you are entirely adequate.

    • John John

      That doesn’t strike me as a ringing endorsement. The phrase “faint praise” echoes around my apartment…

  14. Oh Noes! Someone’s taken our Snowflake, and replaced him with a toilet! Send out the search parties!

    Thanks for downgrading you blog-roll by adding me to it.

  15. John, you don’t need therapy, you just need to get over this exaggerated sense of your own unimportance. Look up a few blog carnivals, make a few submissions -most are desperate for material, and bask in the controversy.

    Remember, Aussies and humility do not mix.

  16. Pieret, you are just the sort of elitist bastard to host such a sneering carnival. I can ‘t wait to see what “wonders” you manage to unbury from the dregs of the web.

  17. P.S. Yes, carnivals do depend on people submitting posts. Anyone else interested can submit them here:

    The lot that hang out here are just the sort we’re looking for.

    End of commercial.

  18. When I get back to my own blog I’ll be putting you and John Lynch on my blogroll and mentioning you both in today’s sampler which will go up sometime before midnight EDT. Re carnivals, you’re already guaranteed a slot in the Carnival of Evolution, which I’m hosting in August. (That decision was made long before I read this whine.) For next month’s issue, I’d suggest you submit “When do species begin?” And I request that you stop being such a baby and start submitting your work to carnivals. Focus on that word ‘submit’ and consider how it differs from ‘nominate.’ Think like an author submitting to a journal. In this case, an open-access journal, albeit one with at least minimal standards, unlike some others. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • John John

      Damn you all for taking me out of my comfort zone. I nominated (or nomiated) two posts, so there!

      I have trouble submitting articles, too…

  19. 386sx 386sx

    I liked the Frederick II post. Please repost!

    Please put me on the blogroll too, if I have a blog, which I don’t.

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