Evopsychopathy series in PDF

I have converted my series on Evolutionary Psychology and Sociobiology to a handy PDF. Feel free to download it or even better, download it and pay something. Wilkins on Evopsychopathy [PDF] I will be converting other series also. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in this format.

So what’s the delay?

Well, I’m retiring. Wait! This is a good thing, because it means I get to spend more time writing (well any time writing). There will be more posts soon. Also, eventually, books.

We’re back!

Thanks to the generosity of three donors – Neil, James and Ben – I have enough to pay the rent on this place. Now I have to do some writing. Problem is I’m time poor, so I thought I’d write up some of my lecture notes as posts. Expect some stuff on the idea of Read More…

Evolving Thoughts may close soon

I know I have been remiss in not updating ET for a while. I am working in a very hard boring (lowly paid) job and my mind is not roaming as far as it used to right now. However, the fees for the domain and hosting are due, and I cannot make them, so it Read More…

And now for something not entirely different

My first ink: Magritte Python!


As readers may have noticed, I have been pretty inactive here lately. This is because I have been finishing a book and sending it off to the publishers, which was achieved about 8 hours ago. The book is titled The Nature of Classification, and it will come out from Palgrave Macmillan. I coauthored this with Malte Read More…

Does anyone want to pay me for this blog?

I will have received a lot of requests to revive the blog, which is very gratifying, but to be venal about it puts no money in my pocket. So if anyone wants a philosophy of science, especially biology and the social aspects of science, blog for their stable, the way Scienceblogs used to operate, so Read More…