Why is politics failing?

In a way this is a silly question: politics is politics, and always has been. The real question is why liberal democratic politics is becoming unrepresentative and generating cynicism, extremism and alienation among the supposedly represented. The answer is, I think, a loss of the social contract that made representative democracy work. In the US, Read More…

My latest publication

Book ReviewMetasciencepp 1-4 First online: 15 June 2016 Drawing the tree of life J. David Archibald: Aristotle’s ladder, Darwin’s tree: The evolution of visual metaphors for biological order. New York: Columbia University Press, 2014, 256 pp, US$65.00/£45.00 HB John S. Wilkins  

On rights

I am as shocked about Orlando as everyone else, but I am shocked about a lot more. So I must declare my stand. I stand for homosexuals, intersex, asexuals, and all other kinds of sexual orientation. I stand for males, females, and everything in between. I stand for every ethnic and social grouping. I stand Read More…

Is the brain a computer?

There is an ongoing debate over whether or not our brains are computers lately (against | for). This is an old debate, going back at least to Turing’s famous “Can Machines Think?” paper of 1950. To answer why I think that brains are not computers, contrary to my friend Jeff Shallit (second link above), let Read More…

So what’s the delay?

Well, I’m retiring. Wait! This is a good thing, because it means I get to spend more time writing (well any time writing). There will be more posts soon. Also, eventually, books.

Secular Calvinism

Australia is one of the most secular of developed nations. At the last census, 22% of people marked “No religion” as their affiliation, and the attendance at religious services weekly dropped to 16%, from a high in 1950 of 44%. So why is it that a sizeable minority (around 30%) of Australians oppose gay marriage, Read More…

Hang on – I’m getting an idea

So, it’s been a while. My brain went into recess while my finances collapsed, I changed jobs and generally got unwell for a while. I aim to start writing again soon. Nothing too deep, just random brainfarts. I’ll also blog for money 😉