Sequence the Bombadier Beetle! Vote now!

Dear evopeeps, the following is a public service announcement:

We need YOUR help to sequence the Explosive Bombardier Beetle genome.

Our team’s bombardier beetle proposal has been selected as one of five finalists to undergo a popular vote for the world’s most interesting genome! The final winner receives Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) SMRT Sequencing and genome assembly.

Vote YES for the Explosive Bombardier Beetle! Vote here today:

You can vote once per day through April 5th. Help SDSU/UC Berkeley/University of Arizona/Stevens Institute of Technology win this exciting competition! Please announce to your students, friends, etc. Our team will be sending periodic reminders throughout the voting period.

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Follow the Explosive Bombardier Beetle team on Twitter:

Dr. Tanya Renner (San Diego State University): @TanzRenner

Dr. Wendy Moore (University of Arizona): @paussus

Dr. Kipling Will (University of California, Berkeley): @Cerabilia

Dr. Aman Gill (University of California, Berkeley): @amanomenon

5 thoughts on “Sequence the Bombadier Beetle! Vote now!

  1. So will they stop work and down tools in astonishment when they find the signature of the Intelligent Designer of this impossible creature?

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