Continuing the Christendom-Caliphate war

Is it just me, or is the current round of anti-Islam sentiment just a revival of the medieval anti-Caliphate/crusade mentality? In short, isn’t this just Christians versus Muslims all over again? I thought that was finished in 1683, with the [second] siege of Vienna. But apparently not.

And this indicates that those atheists who are anti-Islam, more so often than anti-Christian, are just repeating the attitudes of the Christian West.

7 thoughts on “Continuing the Christendom-Caliphate war

  1. It looks a bit that way. And if it does come to open war, it will be fought with nukes and we will all be the losers.

    But I think it’s not that simple.

    American conservative Christians are not just against muslims. They are also against latinos, against arabs (muslim or not), against indians. They are split on whether they are against jews or chinese.

    In the meantime, one wonders what happened to Christianity. They should be saying “We have met the anti-christ, and he is us”. But they are not sufficiently self-aware for that.

  2. We’ve got some our local bunch of secularists jumping into bed with the Christian fundies and our own right-wing media in their eagerness to oppose Muslim influence. Yes, there are certain manifestations of Islam — including among immigrant communities in the West — that need opposing, but not by teaming up with those who have their own theocratic agenda (and still less with those who are just plain anti-immigrant bigots). The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

  3. lets not forget that the wave of old school jihadist Islam is of DIRECT result of the oil money of the Saudi family bankrolling the international Wahhabi fundamentalist sect.
    Non believers,( atheist? seculars?) should know that getting in with the christian right is only a delay, thier turn comes next. as for the previous commenter about the Nuke problem, we MAY see some small exchanges,, but only Pakistan has both nukes and Islam, ( Am i right on that?) our big threat comes from one of those triggering the Old nuke powers pre set launch prep.
    I think we Will see further conventional, / insurgency style conflict, for a long time to come

  4. In Australia, and I suspect most other western nations, you’re much more likely to be molested, have your rights (if you’re a woman) taken away by Christians than Muslims. The head of Government and opposition here are Catholics. Those molesting Catholic priests and law makers who try to reduce access to abortion are just bad apples, not representative of the whole goes the argument.
    If you’re a woman, the most dangerous people to worry about are not strangers – muslim or no – but men in your life, but we’re not spending billions to defeat that problem. Nah, it’s just a few bad apples.

    It’s the essentialism, all muslims are bad, or about to break bad at any moment. All, it’s their essense, seems to be the argument.

    I’m done labouring the point. I think the post is right, we’re going medieval.

  5. The only thought I have had here is not historical but more along the lines of how do you define populism?

    Can you define it as a pure story telling frame shared by a range of groups with differing ideological perspectives?

    If its roots are emotional no reason to suppose it starts with the christian west it may be as old as sin.

  6. The Baptists until the 1950’s So.xSOuthern Baptist COnvention were a liberatatian creed advocating every person to interpret scripture by their own lights. Come to the present and what Johnathon Haidt calls a disgust and cleanliness style of human animal morality finds expression in protecting perceived advantages visa every available means.
    I think you have to refer to expressly stated goals from the agents here. IN other words, my analogue would be crimes of hate committed by young people. Sensational in every instance, but until you had a cosmopolitan city in which disabled persons were hurt, or the numbers represented a trend in our summer vacations, these crimes seem to be despair at work. THe US gov.’t is a different story. Three US administrations have declared war on radical Islam, which is 7:1 directed at noncombatants. Worse if youcount the million plus Iraqis who died under the sanctions against Saddam Hussein.
    I say refer to the Bush administrations’ express statements where you find them. Every religion is based on an unforgivable sin. Quakers like myself forgive not the unflexible. Those who know the map equals the territory are to be ruined by economic means if possible, and by group shaming otherwise. The best evidence to support the idea of Crusading Christians was the numbers of civilian collatoral beautiful etc. lives exploded. During the Obama adminsitratiosn which used his best legal advocates to begin the process of shutting down the inquisition chambers on Guantanamo Bay, and could not accomplish that one goal from his second week in the presidency, out of variously listed as 76 countries this nation has dark military bases, to 4300? I think, in various countries, military bases: shutting down one of them. Pointing to the US Military. Perhaps we should be asking if the individual members of the us military can show, how they have chosen obedience to a capricious Nero, Any capricious Nero?, as their personal live alternative to suffering the slings and arrows of No Factories left in the United States. IF you look at the crusades, there were coincidental religious sects that advocated accruing great sexual credentials, including mainline Catholicism until the early fourteenth century- over another expression of their creaturliness, including subduing the heathen. Zeus Doctor Seuss have mercy, is there a science about popular psychology except for Freud ? BUt listen to Freud, saying : ” money is not an infantile need.” It might be something else. Leads free people to want to deny others the same freedom of action: I like the idea of primitive emotions.

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