Species Rewrite

I’m thinking of doing a rewrite of Species: A History of the Idea. Do my readers have any suggestions or wishes for it? Let me know in the comments.

Some ideas:

  • Make the subtitle and the content: The History and Philosophy of the Idea
  • More stuff on the 15th century
  • More on the modern debates
  • More context on the philosophical ideas underlying the notions of nominalism/universalism
  • More social context
  • Rewrite the chapter on Darwin entirely to take into account recent historiography

7 thoughts on “Species Rewrite

  1. May take some time but will do. I am struggling at the momement in 1765 nominalisim/ unversalism and ideas surrounding abstraction and moving like a sloth. Well out of my comfort zone.

    Busman’s holiday in anthropolgy and more social aspects would be a nice way to wind down in more familiar territory when I have moved along the road a bit more in terms of the late 17th century elite side of the spectrum.

  2. Locke’s nominalisim and the lingustic turn. My taste would be to put it through the fishy eye lens of Lord Monboddo. Looks like a potential anthro/historical introduction to species to me.

    Send the material tommorow.

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