Even more videos by Adam Ford

Adam has caught up with the remainder of his interviews with me and put them on Facebook. Once more I remind viewers this was entirely ad hoc and unrehearsed.

Late note: I have now added all the videos. Many thanks to Adam. Check out his Youtube feed.

5 thoughts on “Even more videos by Adam Ford

  1. These are really quite helpful primers, especially for non-philosophers interested in the topics (meaning, of course, myself for example).

    But the first thought that struck me when I saw the still from the first video I watched was, “Dr. John Wilkins and Bob Mould: separated at birth?”


  2. These videos are quite good. One problem is that you’ve destroyed my image of the ancient, angry silver-back lashing out fools who dare cross his path.;)


  3. I think you’ve found your true metier. You could do for philosophy what Bronowski did for science in The Ascent of Man. You’d need a catchier title, though. Maybe something cool and hip like iThink (if you were angling for sponsorship by Apple)


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