Does anyone want to pay me for this blog?

I will have received a lot of requests to revive the blog, which is very gratifying, but to be venal about it puts no money in my pocket. So if anyone wants a philosophy of science, especially biology and the social aspects of science, blog for their stable, the way Scienceblogs used to operate, so I can generate some income, I am willing to move it. In short, I want to sell out, largely because I like sleeping under cover and eating.



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  2. Louis

    Everyone reading this should pay Wilkins. Pay him most ferociously.


  3. John the Plumber

    I am now reduced to an old age pension. – 7% of my weekly income is £10 – it’s a paltry sum but it matches my paltry income. – However a current UK tenner does have a lovely engraving of Darwin on the back. – I’M GOING TO PUT A TENNER IN AN ENVELOPE AND SEND IT TO HIM – now that won’t be too difficult.
    More than 50 people have responded with horror at the thought of you John closing down this blog. – If every one sends an embarrasingly paltry tenner that would ccover the costs of this blog for a year – of course it would not cover the cost of John writing his priceless posts.
    Hopefully though I am one of your poorest readers – so if everyone sent 7% of their weekly income – surely there would be a bit, maybe a lot, of surplus over costs – to buy John a few bunches of bananas to sustain him.
    There is only one drawback.
    When I clicked on ‘contact’ for a postal adress I only got a peculiar code in greek.
    Put a pigging address on the blog John and my tenner is on its way. – If nothing else, it will buy you a beer.
    So come on everybody – have a bit of faith – put your money where your mouth is (in an envelope) and send John a measly 7% (make that 10% for easy calculation) of your weekly income. – He’s undoubtedly worth it. – Just think of the pleasure he will get opening his mail. (And the trouble he will have converting it all in to Australian)

    • I don’t want any reader to have to pay me. But there’s a tip jar for those who think what I do is worthwhile.

    • larry

      I think letters sent care/of the University of Melbourne AU will get to him, university mailing rooms have a lot of experience dealing with peripatetics.

      • Jeb

        peripatetics. hmmmm I wrote this note last night.

        “One of his other noted, ‘eccentricities’ (historical anecdotal accounts of Lord M. are prone to cliche and repetition) was on leaving court one day to find it was raining, he placed his wig (a badge of office) in a sedan and continued his journey home on foot. Reading, lord Monboddo reveals an individual with a very distinct sense of humour which is often read in a number of ways by individuals.”

        John I will send something over when I can by post in a foot shaped parcel.

        Useful things blogs I had missed the connection.

  4. John the Plumber

    Thanks larry.

    Should I be proud to be a peripatetic. I am not sure if this is a compliment or not?

    • larry

      Depends upon 1) how you feel about Aristotle 2) how well your knee has healed 3) whether, like Dr Hawkins, you have a second regular academic gig. In the right light, any of the above would shine somewhat proudly.

    • Jeb

      Just be glad. My son had his foot run over by a taxi last week and we will be funding his lifestyle for the next couple of months. Where I live a can walk through the history and early formation of a thought. Being peripatetic is fun if you like such things.

      • Jeb

        “how you feel about Aristotle?” I have no memory of him. Perhaps when my son hurt his foot I should have thought of Mary staring at the cross felt her pain and thanked god for being spared. Instead my mind turned to that most Scottish of beasts the orangutang. It is an pleasing creature and makes me laugh.

  5. John the Plumber

    Translation form philospher language into plumber speak.
    ‘I’m skint, so it would be nice if those who think what I do is worthwile would send a tip now and again – and for those who don’t do plastic, bung a tip in an envelope and send it to John S wilkins care of The University of Melbourne, Australia.’

    Knock and the door shall be opened unto you seek and ye shall find etc.
    Translated into plumber speak. – ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get.’
    How’s about a short post on the phiosophiscal status of money – or the evolution of pockets? – How did apes do without them for God knows how many millions of years? Was this lack of foresight by the Creator – or is it a clear indicatation that Money is ungodly and chocolate the only thing of worth.
    Can you see how my brain is turning into rice pudding devoid of the input of your wit and wisdom? – Have pity on us mere mortals.

    P.s If you reply with even the sightest hint of a suggestion that my brain has alweay been rice pudding – no portrait of Darwin.

  6. Although it will probably never be a big source of income, perhaps you should look into a few microdonation services. One I use is Flattr – I’d certainly add you to my subscription list.

  7. Louis

    I have done my duty to Wilkins and Australia. I think my Paypal worked in US Dollars which is profoundly insulting for an Englishishman. I shall protest by sending more cash.

    It’s the least I can do after recovering from a massive bender induced by winning a prize for some work I was doing. I figure if you can’t celebrate successes, rare as they are, with irresponsibility, then you don’t deserve them. This may be because I am some terrible species of bastard.

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