Coming to Berkeley

Berkeley June 2012

I’ll be in Berkeley (California, in case there’s another one somewhere) from around the 9th to the 15th of March, to give a talk to the Mellon-Sawyer series Speciesism and the Future of Humanity. Anyone who wants an unemployed philosopher to give a talk to their group also, or just buy him a meal, should let me know by the Contacts form.

Unfortunately the workshop is not open to the public, but there’ll be a podcast. My title is “God, politics and species”.


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8 Responses to Coming to Berkeley

  1. There is no Contacts form. There’s a pun or joke there, but I have a cat on my lap.

  2. I’m “California Dreaming”

    You are going to be so close; come to Toronto after you are finished.

  3. llewelly

    You should definitely visit Toronto too. It’s just a hop away from Berkeley. It’s like when you visit Sydney; you might as well just pop over to Perth, because it’s practically next door.

  4. larry

    Anyone have pull with the Perimeter Institute? I think it’s the best bet for a speaking engagement in southern Ontario – travel, honorarium and meals included.

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