Tractatus Logico-Chocolatus

1. The world is all that is the taste.

1.1 The world is the totality of flavours, not things.

1.1.1 The world is determined by the totality of flavours, and these being all the flavours.

1.12 For the totality of flavours determines both what is the taste and also all that is not the taste.

1.13 The tastes in experiential space are the world.

1.2 The world divides into individual flavours: sweet, sour, salt and bitter.

1.21 Chocolate is more than the sum of these flavours.

2 What is the taste, the fact, is the existence of elemental flavours.

[The rest is left to the reader to fill out as a personal exercise… should take about a day]

20 thoughts on “Tractatus Logico-Chocolatus

    1. Of course. It is a fiction of the hated atomists. Or at best it is just what happens when the other four flavours are combined in a particular ratio. Either way it is not an elemental flavour.


  1. Dear Dr Wilkins –

    I found your blog via a Wikipedia post about clades. I teach at a community college outside Chicago, and I am (lightly) exposing my students to taxonomy, etc. I personally have only learned about phylogenetics pretty recently. Is there a quick and simple resource you can point me too so I can at least expose my group to this concept?

    Thank you!


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