Knees, ligaments and evolving thoughts

I’m really sorry I’ve been quiet so long. It’s not for lack of thoughts. First I went to Sydney to work on my Nature of Classification book and then attend a workshop on the future of history and philosophy (and social studies) of science in Australia. And then I came back to Melbourne to have an arthroscopy on my knee.

Only thing is, when I was about to go into the theatre, the surgeon comes out and examines me, and then says, “You have a torn quadriceps attachment. You’re booked in for the wrong surgery.” which I have been saying for six months. I could have kissed him. At last somebody was paying attention!. So I underwent repair surgery instead. I aim to adopt him when I can.

Anyway I am now under heavy pain medication, but I have hope that I will be able to walk again. In about 18 weeks or so. For now I have an immobilized leg and a muzzy head. So I may be doing less writing until my head clears. I have many ideas, but sitting at a computer is hard enough without having to be creative.

So I crave your indulgence. I will do what I can, I promise…

18 thoughts on “Knees, ligaments and evolving thoughts

  1. Sorry to hear about it. Leg pain is not pleasant (I’ve had multiple arthroscopies and ACL reconstruction). Good luck!


  2. Here’s to a speedy recovery. I do encourage you to consider a few posts during the peak of pain medication, it could make for an interesting read.


  3. I’m glad to hear that some progress is being made for you to get better. All the best and eat lots of grapes.


  4. Well, at least you’ve got the good drugs. Which will make you constipated. TMI?

    Eat fiber rich foods. Drink lots of water. Psyllium husk capsules are good. If you need more help, I took prescription pain meds for a long time, so I know.


  5. I’m glad to hear this was not just some sort of kneejerk response to New Atheist criticism.

    For constipation, there’s always All-Bran or, if you want the heavy artillery, cascara. *shudder*

    Take all the time you kneed to get better. We can talk amongst ourselves until you’re on your feet again.

    Or there’s always Mornington Crescent:

    I’ll start.



  6. Yuck, at least you are booked for the right surgery in 18 weeks, rather than the wrong one. Make sure you get an elegant silver handled walking stick, useful for whacking werewolves and recalcitrant students.


    1. No, you misunderstand: I had the surgery last week. In 17 weeks from now I should be able to walk unaided. Apparently attachment surgery for ligaments is really slow to heal.


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