14 thoughts on “Myersmeme

  1. Isn’t he going to a conference where they had the very bad taste to not invite you to speak? Blah!

  2. I’m confused.
    They have beer in Australia?

    Oh, I see! PZ’s going to Australia to get away from beer!

    No. That can’t be right.
    Do they beer in Utah?

  3. Engaging religion at a scientific level seems a bit like arguing, “If apples did fall sideways, would they fall to the left or the right?”
    Does philosophy on occasion, with a somewhat theistic past, fall into a similar trap?
    I think it’s time I emailed you a second mechanism to natural selection, hopefully in time for you and PZ to discuss it over a pint, if you find it of interest. Kind of have a mechanism on me.
    Yours John Somerwill.

  4. He actually goes easier on the beer than he pretends. At least when he came to Mexico, at dinner I saw him drink very little. An Mexican beers are far better than USAmerican ones.

  5. Ribozyme caught me. Yes, I’m old and cunning, and the way I manage to outlast my younger competition is by stealthily nursing one beer along for a considerable time.

    I suspect that John has not yet seen the error of his ways. Stubborn ol’ git.

  6. As a former Sydney Uni Student and now current University of Utah philosophy grad student I have to say the beer here is surprisingly good. The stuff on tap is shit but the local bottle brew are as good as any back home if not better in the case of some. I know many of the SHIFT (secular humanism and freethought) students here and they said PZ’s talk was great. I unfortunate to miss it, I ripped the ligaments off my ankle and was in an opiate haze for the day; not bad as the state John is in just now. Hope you are alright!

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