Hume’s Dialogues: A coloured edition

Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion is one of the very best philosophical works ever written, as I was reminded this morning while seeking a passage. But it is not easily available in a decent format online. Sure, you can download a facsimile of the second edition (1779) from Archive.Org, and I did, and there’s also a HTML version at Gutenberg, but as I started to compare the two, I noticed that the online text doesn’t match the original all that well – formatting is missing and cases and paragraphing has been changed.

So I spent today formatting the HTML version and editing it to make it consistent with the formatting of the original, and for good measure I colourised the text based on who was speaking, for clarity. And here it is for you all, free, gratis and without charge. I left in the Gutenberg license, but since this is out of copyright, you may use it how you like.

Hume Dialogues: Version 1.01, now with references to unreferenced poems and texts, and Latin translations.

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