Evolving Thoughts may shut down for a while

Hi everyone. I am not in a great financial state right now, nor am I in a job that can pay me. This means that I cannot afford the internet or hosting and so I may have to suspend the blog and several other online activities I engage in such as Twitter, where I put my links to interesting papers and the like. When things improve, if they do, I will start it up again. Emails may be unreplied to for a few days at a time, if I have to use public machines.

However, should anyone think that they have a post they’d like to submit before the domain name registration ends, please send it to me now. A couple of readers have been invited to post already.

In the meantime, I recommend you look at the blogs I list in my full blogroll.

Update: As always the generosity of readers has come through, and I now have enough to cover the domain registration and the hosting costs, so the past will not go away. I had planned to put it on WordPress.com in the event I couldn’t do this anyway.

I don’t like to cry poor, and there’s a very real chance I will be employed on a 12 month contract soon (within a month if all works out) but right now my internet is sporadic. If I get this particular job, however, I shall be unable to do much blogging for a while as the project ramps up. So I thought it better to suspend the blog than to post trivia and cartoons.

Apparently Alvin Plantinga has responded to my post, so that has to be replied to before I go dark. Some things will happen, don’t worry.

So thank you all for the support and loyalty.

10 thoughts on “Evolving Thoughts may shut down for a while

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the financial difficties. Isn’t this country great?

    I hope things turn around, both for you and because your writing is top notch.

    Best wishes.


  2. Sorry to hear this! Hope you can bounce back soon.

    I’m also from Melbourne, and if I did not have an full time job in a more stable profession, my humanities blogging adventures would also be a non viable use of time. I know it’s unpalatable to some (myself included), though introducing ads/amazon affiliation/donations etc can make things a little easier if your traffic is decent.

    Kind Regards and Good luck


  3. I’m sorry to hear that, John. I will really miss your words; they exercise my mind like no-one else’s do. Hope you can get back to it soon.


  4. As someone who gets his internet fix from either local library or McDonalds, I “feel your pain”. Best of luck on the upcoming gig.


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