I *can* get satisfaction!

Now I’m approaching 60, anyway…


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  1. I’ll get there before you!

  2. At what time in your life were you ever NOT approaching 60?

  3. Clearly, the solution to all of life’s problems is to become a nerd in one’s 40s.

  4. Funny, and hopefully true!

  5. Ian H Spedding FCD

    Thony C.:
    I’ll get there before you!

    Hah! Beat both of you at something!

    Although in a block universe I suppose you’re already there – and I still am?

  6. Raving

    OPERA Confirms: Neutrinos Travel Faster Than Light!!
    Life begins with the “Golden years” and retrogrades quickly [pained sarcastic expression]

  7. Susan Silberstein

    You are not 61.

  8. As an atheist, I must ask: where’s the evidence? Especially that red bump around 20 is highly suspicious!

  9. Pulse

    Has anyone tried calculating the area under the graphs? At what age is cumulative life satisfaction equal?

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