A shameless pathetic begging letter – give me money or God will take me to heaven

Late note: allow me to shout this out: YOU GUYS ROCK! I am totally overwhelmed by the generosity of the large and small donations -I know it was hard for some of you to give what you have. I am more firmly convinced of the basic decency of human beings than before. My deepest thanks and respect to you all. John

Shameless evangelist sucking funds from the haplessOK, so I am presently unemployed. In fact I have been now off and on for six months or so, and while I am on a promise of a job when the grant gets through negotiations with the US government, right now I am living on what little money I had stored away. Which just ran out.

I hate to do this, but I seek your support. This is not a matter of my losing the blog, but my car, and my health insurance and my place. It should only be for a while, and if anyone wants to make me a loan, I will pay them back when I can, but right now I’d greatly appreciate regular readers sending me a few dollars via the Donate button above. I don’t take advertising, and I have made no money by blogging since I left Science Blogs.

I was raised a secular Presbyterian, which means that I have guilt for not standing on my own feet (actually it means I have guilt for just existing), so this is rather hard for me. But if you have found what I write interesting, thought-provoking or even only as good as a piece in your local Op-Ed columns, please consider paying me what you would pay to read such things commercially. I would like to thank Ed Yong who did just that not too long ago, and invited his readers to do the same.

I thank those who are in a position to help, and I understand that many people aren’t. There’s no moral obligation here. Just do what you want to do.

I’ll go cover myself with ashes now…

48 thoughts on “A shameless pathetic begging letter – give me money or God will take me to heaven

    1. Normally, God doesn’t pay for services rendered… in this case that’s exactly what the grant would achieve – 4 years of hard work. Or do you theists have an objection to people working for their income?


  1. I am continuing to be inundated by donations and I am very humbled and honoured by this. My deepest thanks to you all, including those who cannot donate due to their personal circumstances but offered messages of support. It all makes a big difference to my mindset and personal situation.

    I am now out of immediate trouble, but I will gratefully accept any further donations, and I promise to continue my Rise series shortly.


  2. Dude, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Late to the party, but I kicked in a bit.
    I sympathise – I will be only half employed for the next few years while I change careers and retrain (biostatistics), with no certainty of anything after that, and it is a bit scary.

    . . . and. . . that hair. . . is not Photoshopped?!


    1. Btw, because I didn’t exactly say who I was, I’m the Jennie L (soon-to-be-formerly) of Adelaide philosophy dept. We’ve spoken a couple times at AAP and whatnot.


  3. Arg. I have two debit cards with credit card interfaces, and pay pal won’t take either of them. I”ve made online purchases with both of them, so I don’t know what is wrong.

    I seldom have time to read your blog anymore (new job, after ages of unemployment), but I am glad to hear you are no longer in immediate danger of being eaten by a 900 foot tal Jesus.


      1. Not for pay. Art’s comment was unkind, but that’s no excuse for so stupidly missing his point and going off on a strawman.


      1. In the headline banner, mate, but don’t worry about, dudes like Art have little better to do than look for typos and the like. Intelligent folk have better things to do. Same for ianam’s comment.


  4. It’s a shame someone as intelligent and sensitive as you obviously are isn’t employed educating people. (I’m assuming you’re seeking a professorship eventually?)


  5. Hello John,

    As someone who was laid off from a corporate job back in 2008 and only became employed again at less than on third of my previous income level about 7 months ago I am not yet able to help other people financially, I’m still too deep in the hole myself. However I think it is important for all of us to think deeply about the underlying cause of our predicament and the very real possibility that many of us will be permanently unemployed or underemployed from now on.
    Here’s a hint as to why:

    Best wishes for paradigm change. That which is not sustainable will not continue!



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