A boycott of Synthese

Brian Leiter has suggested a professional boycott of the journal Synthese until they admit their error in the disclaimer case, and I am the contact for messages supporting it from publishing philosophers. Leiter says:

I would urge all philosophers to stop submitting to Synthese; to withdraw any papers they have submitted at Synthese; and to decline to referee for Synthese until such time as the editors acknowledge their error, and make appropriate amends. See the contact information above for Dr. Wilkins, who will keep track of philosophers participating in the boycott.


If you will participate in the boycott, please e-mail philosopher John Wilkins at the University of Sydney: john-at-wilkins-dot-id-dot-au. Let him know if you are willing to have your name made public in connection with the boycott.

I am, of course, an Associate of the Philosophy department of the University of Sydney and do not act in any official capacity there, just for clarity’s sake. Complain to them all you like. It can’t lose me any salary. A further disclaimer – I published in that issue of the journal, but I do not think my paper was in any way involved in this disgraceful case.

I will publicise the numbers of participants and if people would like their names mentioned (but not their email addresses), those too.

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