2010 roundup

It’s been a complicated year. So I have gone through my posts for what I think were the best. The philosophical ones are bolded. Below the fold.

Happy new year to all. I hope your 2011 exceeds your 2010. Mine has to…


You cannot harm a religion

Civil insolence

More civil insolence

On fear and risk


The best scientific ideas

The Ontological Fallacy

Fodor and Piattelli-Palmarini on natural selection


Affirmative Atheism

Thermodynamics, and the origin of replicators

On knowledge and consistency

On the need for grownups [Thoughts from Kansas]

The policy policy


Tired debates

Culpability and the Catholic Church

On the straits of philosophy

You and me, baby, ain’t nothing but mammals

You can’t have proper human relationships unless you are a Christian

Thought for the day: Why is “now” now?


Do atheists “relapse”?

In which I get Guardianed


Defining philosophy


Testing universal common ancestry

Was Jesus a philosopher?

Jesus a philosopher part 2

Fishing for philosophy

Was Darwin a philosopher?

Supernatural selection: Book review

Supernatural selection 2


On borders and boundaries

In which I upset PZ, again, by not knowing

The problem of foreknowledge

Random thoughts about God and evolution

An empirical investigation into the comparative advantages of purchasing from Ford and Upgrading from Apple


Prichard on species


Kinds of free will

Herding cats, ethically

Creation, a personal reflection on the movie

Names and nomenclature in classification

Alienus a me puto

Consequences of theistic evolution


Dicks, niceness and evil: a rant

Homology and analogy

Some loose ends – Reductionism and Phylocode


David Hull is dead [Revised in November]

David Hull’s philosophy

Two kinds of natural classification, and hybrid classifications

On non-cohort based education

Dynamics and classification redux

Natural classification and the dynamics of science

The strange inversion of natural classification


On the origins of creativity


If only he had used his science for niceness, instead of evil

For every philosopher



Tone wars

How many species concepts are there?

Unnecessary people


The view from nowhere and objectivity in the media [revised]

On abortion

The Greek Pantheon Test


What it is like to be a digital camera

Darwin’s motivation

The mind of other species

Does teleology hang on in Venice?

Statism and Wikileaks

Attacks on philosophy by scientists

12 thoughts on “2010 roundup

  1. I wish you the best, for whatever that is worth. I guess it’s like prayer, makes the prayer giver feel like they’re doing someting (though it is nothing or Zeus moves in misterious ways), and according to research makes the prayee suffer performance anxiety. I don’t think, and I’m sure that you don’t, that things have to go better. I take it that you’re expressing hope. It’s a passionless universe. Hopefully, your quite exquisite mind and ability will be recognized and you’ll get that research position you deserve. For whatever that hope is worth.

    There’s a post entitled ‘unnecessary people’. It reminds me of a comment I made against another commenter whom I remember went by the name ‘pissed of in perorior’. I remember that commenter being a dick. I’m sure I remember him/her that way to justify my actions and it’s probable said person wasn’t a dick. Anyway, I apologize to whomever I’ve offended this year. I’m sure there are many. For whatever that apology is worth.

    I’ve probably had the best year of my life, but not the most exciting. I’ve moved into a new house. Never thought that’d happen. My job which was going down the gurgler is now going fine due to a takeover. We have a healthy boy, who’s going great guns. I still don’t speak to my mother after nearly five years and two brothers, but c’est la vie. I have few regrets about that. For whatever that is worth.

    I’m a tad drunk now. Happy new year!!!!!!

    Prospero ano nuevo.


  2. As I write it’s already 2011 somewhere in the Pacific so I will wish you much sunlight, peace and understanding for the coming twelve months and the hope/wish that you will continue to entertain, stimulate and educate us in the same excellent way that you did in 2010.

    Thony & Sascha


  3. Happy new year, and thanks for reminding me of this site. I’ll be visiting more often, as Prof. Steve Steve’s site is getting overrun with trolls. Ray and Tony’s site (formerly known as Talk.Origins) is still a blast, though.

    Apologies if that made anyone toss up their drinks, but it’s only 7:40 AM here near Dover, and I’m still on caffeine. Ethanol is about 12 hours away.


  4. Happy New Year and, in the words of my forebears – or was it ten bears, no, he was a character in The Outlaw Josey Wales – lang may yer lum reek!


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